Friday, November 22, 2013


It's Friday and I've found a bunch of stuff! Look!
  1. The secret to long life? According to this 100yo it's cigarettes and whiskey 
  2. Harvard students aren't good at everything. Like keeping bathrooms tidy. They're cr*p at that!
  3. That sickening display of that silly Kim Kardashian girl doing what she does best
  4. This made me dream
  5. Fendi s/s 2014. Wipe your drool!

Enjoy the times ahead with good people only, doing wonderful stuff and with only the biggest grins available! I'll be:
  1. Meeting with my two loveliest ladies to be covered in their babies! They're first time mums and I'm thrilled to bits for them and their hubbies - their rugrats are extra cute which always makes things easier
  2. Other stuff is happening. Stuff that's good for me - with darn good folk to boot.


  1. I watched as much as I could bear of that music makes me disgusted that our nation idolizes these people and labels it talent.

    Amanda Rose

  2. oh man, that kanye vid was horrible!!!!


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