Sunday, October 31, 2010

hold me tighter

Naturally, when an assignment must be done, every other possible thought scrambles for my attention. Tonight, I spend some moments (try the majority of these early morning hours) in contemplation over those little things in life we cherish oh-so-much. Looking around, I'm seeing us all scurry like mad women (or men) in our daily rat-raced lives, nudged easily in the direction of neglect for these things/people/'living-the-moment' moments, and shelve their once precious place. All this has come over me by glancing at my little garden posy sitting tight and pretty, bright with life and full of trust in my daily care. Forget to quench its thirst, though, and you'll be deathly silence! Same goes with the human kind. Family, friends, whoever. Fail to nurture your friendships and protect that love, you'll be sure to get the kick up your rear you've been asking for.
So...Hold those precious, good things tight! Love your family out loud. Hug your friends with heart. Live 'that' moment with every bit of appreciation and satisfaction you've got!


wrapped around them bread sticks

Giuseppe Arnaldo & Sons, it may appear, have me well and truly wrapped around them bread sticks. A saviour to a 'too-late-to-book' Saturday dinner, G & Sons wins hands down. As a great introduction to Melbourne's foodie fun for my inter-state visitors I'm coming back again and again, bringing All to be treated. Every time, we leave plastering a huge success on G's door. Think mamma's kitchen (covering all bases from salad to lambs brains) meets visual design awards. Layers of colour splash fill this floor-to-ceiling mosaiced haven, hand written letters posted throughout, meats hung centre stage, and waiters scrambling in white lab coats to seat Pappa Giuseppe's guests (numbers don't appear to dwindle).

Visiting from Adelaide this weekend was my favourite girlie for her 25th Birthday bash. Not having booked ourselves a dinner date, we ventured over to trusty Giuseppe. Consuming our hour and a half of waiting time by drinking some variation of Sangria and eating those precious Arancini balls with oil dipped bread, we proceeded onto main course of an unwise choice of more carbs. As yummy and authentic as the serves were, we could barely scrape through half of our pasta. The stamp of success, you ask? As we waddled ourselves out, there it was, slammed proudly by my latest converted Giuseppe fan (see our note of love above).
images taken by me

Friday, October 29, 2010

inspired interruption

"you've got the world on a string play on play on"

Wise words from the KOKO peeps.

Catching me mid power-walked stride was this quoted card looking at me in that [walk right back here, Girl!] tone and belting out its words of order, knowing they would sing true to my world at this point in time. Frowned confusion came over the botoxed noggins of the two Toorakers* walking past, wondering what my urgent and obvious fascination was with the shop window. I get it, as pretty as the beauty salon's window is, it does look strange whipping my phone into camera mode to snap a happy card stand. "Play on ladies," i said in smirk. With all but nothing to lose in my attempts at job search success, i stumble back into my interrupted calorie crunching regime and choose nothing other than to carry on playing on.

A little poke of joy came with finding this suited image thanks to

*Toorakers: female inhabitants of Toorak village often found roaming in groups of 3 or more with fixed expression, prada in hand, and patent boots. Most likely to respond to 'Elaine' 'Elizabeth' or 'Rose.'

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nosh on

Prettifying Fitzroy st, St Kilda, is Banff's perfectly relaxed settings spilling out onto pavement, and the vibe of 'with-its' noshing on their brekkie and sipping down some rave-worthy lattes.

Hold your horsies! Before you get yourself up and over there, keep in mind they have woohoo hour from 3pm-6pm, mon and tues to fill your tums with pizza eats and boozy treats all at half price. Score.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

that girl

image from
Shaku-what-chi? Shakuhachi. If you still say what, get on to it! Our localite, Jessie White, has graced the catwalks with her tailored yet functional creations for some time now. With the colour palette of colour palettes, we're subconsciously making wardrobe space for Shakuhachi's rtw 10/11. This season's collection maintains a great silhouette, the usual beautiful tailoring and (enough) girlie charm.

Friday, October 22, 2010

fairytale goes haute

images from

Dior, Valentino, Gaultier...enough said? That's just the beginning of it. Clever Mr Tim Walker captured this wicked tale of some serious couture heavyweights wrapping his pretty little princesses in only but the best of their silk, taffeta, tulle and lace. Enough said.

(aint) minding the gap

images from
Embrace the hots for the latest 'must have'. Say farewell to unnecessary orthodontist bills and 'ello (Again!) to the gappy grin. It seems this old-time smile (FYI in the 14th century the gap was associated with lustfulness) has hit our screens and mag covers as the 'latest' accessory. Featuring in the current ad campaign for Chanel lippie gives you some idea of its current impact. So, forget the flaw. Begot the Imperfection! I have to say, on the right noggin, there is something a little intriguing about a spacey case. A positive shift from the botoxed clones spilling from under the knife, wouldn't you say?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


New obsession. Daggy and baggy. Sass and Bide's white washed boyfriend is my purchase of purchases this summer. Coming in at close second [in my opinion] is their baggy-dag striped addition to our wardrobe of 2010. But I am told I will look like I'm in my pj's. Really? Let's see...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Get whiff of Diptyque's most recent notes and your love affair for this indulgence will be well and truly lit. Whether it's a deliciously seductive perfumed note or a custom blended wax formula that takes your fancy, diptyque scents set out to recreate (and deliver, they do!) the essence of exotic escapades. Its latest scent [Eau Duelle] promises a journey between gentleness and character, femininity and virility. With interplay of legendary opposites (sweet white vanilla and mysterious undertones of black frankincense) this is diptyque's weapon of serious seduction.


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