Monday, November 4, 2013

What I've been up to

Totally blissed to our eyeballs, smooches and all, we've just stepped out of some wickedly-sweet happenings (daylight and post-sunset). This time, my list of happenings is doubling as a list of gratitude:
  1. Date night dinners all weekend with my cute-as-pie guy.
  2. Wine-sipping and cheese-plate-nibbling at our newly-stamped-haunt
  3. Slowing down 
  4. I did say all-weekend-date-nights? Chopsticking at the brilliant nosh from Golden Boy was part of the deal; swooned off my tush by their new fit out! 
  5. Bikram yoga. I told you about how good this stuff is, right.
  6. Under a clear midnight sky we listened to this man
  7. Beach running in deliciously sweet rays
  8. Eating blueberries
  9. Taking paint to canvas with etudes in the air
  10. Separating (slowly) the glue between my digits and my iPhone
Hope you've had some sweet things fill your days. Write them down - does your soul a tonne of good. Maria x

1 comment:

  1. oh Maria, it's no surprise that this list of awesomes is celebrating itself in gratitude too! what a world of wonders, you deserve it all lades :) love all the photos too, your arms look spectacular! i'd say Bikram, dancing and whatever else you've got going on are producing incredible results. xo ♥


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