Tuesday, September 28, 2010

bday girl

And so, today marks the 25th year since the world set eyes on me. TWENTY FIVE. This is also my first birthday away from home [family] since moving to melbourne. Here i am, clean and leaning my way (day 6 on the 'detox' may i add), eating minced turkey and steamed zucchini (possibly overate), whilst the family (in Adelaide) enjoys granny's perfectly Greek-roasted lamb and probably one of those Delicious cakes we regret noshing on once we see that annoyingly accurate scale-pin creep way past our desired kg.
Thanks goes to my lovely family and those precious friends of mine who understand and love me, and give me their care, patience, and hearts. love you. M xx

picture from ableandgame.com.au

Sunday, September 26, 2010

resisting the carbtation

Day 4 of the ol' clean and lean diet I'm thinking James Duigan will be worship-worthy if his diet can convert this couch bum I've developed. I'm far from starving, but keep eating to fill this void of fried haloumi or a rich creamy latte. Day 5's good progress was slammed by a 360 view of myself in Wolford's most flattering mirrors. that hurt!
Making it to day 7, Protein and I are goin' strong. Mr Duigan, you've helped me lose 1-1.5 (unsure thanks to my confused scale pin that makes no sense of it's call. As long as it's moving Down, I'm happy).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

3 times cleaner

image from powersellerunion

Why the image of Jeremy Scotts fringed extras for Adidas? I was trying to find an image to link in with my 'clean and lean diet' theme and figured this is as close as I get to a human cleaning brush. Spotted these threads hanging around in Chapel Street's Adidas window this morning. Can't say I'm patting Mr. Scott on the back for this one.

To the point, this is day 3* of the clean and lean diet. I will not continue my riveting daily account, and do apologise for putting you through this, but I'm embracing the motivation while it lasts. I started the day with E-N-E-Rgy. Pounded my way through some serious stair runs. Skin looking good. Stomach flat(ish). Feeling good(ish). I'm in finger crossed hope that this good thing lasts.

Friday, September 24, 2010

catalog living

a knead to believe...
Despite his age, Gary still held on to the childhood belief that when dinner ended he should leave a baguette on his chair for the Starch Fairy.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

clean and lean

Day 1 of James Duigan's Clean & Lean 14 day Kick start plan (not diet). Author of Clean & Lean and trainer to The Body herself, I have high hopes. So, here goes. Bye bye sugar, carbs, and everything I've lived on for the past 8 months. Hello veg, protein and green tea.  

The 2 week diet goes something like this (if you're interested):
- Protein: eggs, turkey, red meat...you get the idea
- Veg and a lot of it
- No sugar (yes, even fruit)
- Total caffeine ban - embrace the Green Tea
- Don't be afraid of Fat (full fat dairy, for example)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

shade of whim: Made his Marc

shade of whim: Made his Marc: "[applaud now] to something other than 70's floral curtain material and misguided retro trash. Marc Jacobs rtw 2011 should be my w..."

Made his Marc

[applaud now]
Incoming - something other than 70's floral curtain material and misguided retro trash - Marc Jacobs rtw 2011. Bringing me some super vain joyfulness is the thought of getting into some 'Corally' muted pinks and perfectly clashing reds.
images - elleuk.com and a little inspoiration from cakeface.thank u


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