Sunday, January 30, 2011


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~ It's taken some time, Siglo, but I'm so glad we finally met. I'd heard so much about your rooftop splendour -  atop of Melbourne's elegant Supper Club and The European with one impressive city view.Your Parisian styled seating got us comfy for the hours of giggles and goss ahead. Your graceful surrounds demanded only the finest wine - that selection of delicious nibbles carried us through those imported vino drops just fine!  Thank you for the fun, Siglo. Let's do it all again soon! ~

{Siglo Bar -  Level 2, 161 Spring street, Melbourne}

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday's Frock/Punk Cancan

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Carrying on with his 'gender bender' play on fashion, Gaultier sent his "Punk Cancan" themed parade down Paris' Couture Fashion Week catwalk. If mohawked beauties strutting their high camp, high punk styled threads wasn't enough, Gaultier topped his theatrically sensational parade off with the most fitting of finales. Dressed as blushing bride (slinky gloves and all) fashion's beautiful boy Andrej Pejic graced the catwalk pushing the concept of androgyny just a tad further. Does this remind you of something?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pretty in pink

Bling, girlie charm and some handsome stripes for the big day - I found this spectacular combination here.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fancy pants

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via jak and jil
Accessory, tweed, rolled cuff, oh boy! No matter how many variations of the tailored jacket or rolled-cuff ankle-reveals I witness, I believe my admiration (and silent Hurrah) for the lad sporting his style may never fade.

As my job hunt continues and ability to write dwindles, I'm carrying on with these picture posts... Enjoy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Word of advice

via who are those girls blog

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 I don't think there is much more I can add to the above. I simply like the messages they spell out and wanted to share them with you.

What I can ramble on about it this:
Job hunting = a time where creativity is zapped and every ounce of energy is invested into the relationship between yourself and laptop.

Until I get myself out of job-hunter mode, posts will be coming through a little slower - a couple a week so keep an eye out! Although there will be less of the wordy stuff, the pictures will still be pretty and the links just as wonderful.

I hope normality and I meet again soon. Until then, there will be some serious finger crossing going on from my end. I hope you enjoy the picture posts to come.
Any helpful tips on getting through this job-hunt phase are welcome :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Picture perfect

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"People use the terminology 'He's a commercial photographer, he's a fine art photographer, he's a landscape photographer.' I think it's hard enough just to be a photographer. I think that in using the term 'photographer' one should be very careful about what that really means. I grew up in a tradition where being a photographer was a very noble pursuit. You pursued it for the love and the passion, and doing it was a very difficult thing to do. There are thousands and thousands of people who take photographs, but very few photographers, because one has to have an eye, one has to have the vision, one has to have something to say."

- Rodney Smith
As I power through these job-search hurdles my brain power and willingness to sit and write is fading. Job hunting really takes it out of you! With the hope that it will end in a big, bold success soon, I'm taking the pressure off tapping away at my key board and enjoying looking in the direction of every pretty picture around. Photographer Rodney Smith caught my eye with these images...

More to see here.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday's Frock

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Lady Gaga? Wrong. Well, sort of. Anna Dello Russo prepped herself for the masquerade ball celebrating Vogue Paris' 90th Anniversary last September, Twentyten. What does a fashionista wear, you ask? Less predictable and much, much more Pucci! Glammed in her custom Pucci gown and white lace mask, she grabbed a Gaga inspired moment to top her white locks (wig) with a Gareth Pugh feather creation. Happy Frockday!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"I DO" to a different kind

image via Brooklyn Bride

Two months on from my brother's wedding day, I'm marching on with this fluffy white theme and a fascination in all that points to making your day that much more true to you. My post on Rock Solid Love was a step in this direction with rings-of-a-kind for the big Yes moment.

Not one to seek the diamond kind, I'm always on the prowl for an alternative to the traditional statement piece. Needless to say, I fancy this collection of alternative finger additions to mark a truly unique commitment. [See who designed what, here]

Number 9 would be mine! Do you have or hope to flash a rock of a different kind?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Frou Frou

Images via fashion toast blog
The sun has made its grand appearance in Adelaide today with this heat zapping my brain power and ability to post. So, before I get my weekend cheer on, a few pictures of perfection are dedicated to this scorched day. No words. Just some frou and killer shoes I found over at fashion toast.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A final moment with twentyten

Pictures taken at Henley Beach, Adelaide, on New Years Day/Night

While most strapped their party shoes on and topped up their bubbles for the year's final Hurrah, I spent my day (morning & night) with la familia for a show of sunlit wonder. With giggles and games happening beach side, twenty ten's final dance closed a door on an incredible year gone by. Taking a moment from the fish & chip accompanied night, I reflected on the year that was - packed to the rim with unexpected change, a relocation, long awaited graduation, lessons learned (and often re-learned), overwhelming joy, the unavoidable heartache, a blog adventure, the ever lasting love of friends and family, and of course, great coffee!

With a new years celebration in the bag, my holiday was filled with time to bask in moments of doing nothing much at all but enjoy. It went something like...
  • Filling up our tums with the divine noshings here 
  • Spending summer nights sipping on some sweet red wine and cherry sangria at this place
  • Supporting a coffee addiction after stumbling across a treasure I never knew existed in my home town. My holiday account is beginning to sound more like a food and drink guide...
  • Indulging in the company of friends, family and the cuddle-obsessed puppy at the family home
  • In moments of day-dreamy wonder, I'd be tickled with butterfly-belly joy at the thought of the blank canvas 2011 has pinned to the wall, waiting for its mad artist to get a brush in hand and take a wild stroke to the stars! With this tiny treasure inspiring me to record and highlight the 365 day chapter ahead, I'm set and ready to roll with the adventures of twentyeleven
I hope everyone enjoyed a safe, fun-filled and rejuvenating break.


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