Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chin up for the hell of it

As the sun snuck its way over the hilltops I woke myself up with a solid workout and grabbed the opportunity to rethink my crappy, tired, impatient attitude of late. To the rhythm of my skipping rope spins, I was taking a look around the gym floor and noticing the frowns running treadmills, pushing weights, doing their general workout thing. I was carrying on just like them! My pet hate, if you haven't picked up, is negativity.

With a good 30min on my hands my less-than-chirpy tone told me to "stuff the negativity and move the hell on" and so I got to thinking my way through my lucky stars!

This morning it hit me how easy it is for us to fall in that flop and drag our heels through our days. The saying "be careful what you think, your thoughts make your world" is all too true. That in mind, you'd be a fool to choose gloomy-greys when you can make a few conscious changes to your thoughts and words and kick your tune positive. When someone asks "how's things?" stop giving the standard "not bad!" and feed them with a dose of "fantastic, thanks". In no time, that'll shake up your days and have you spinning in happiness. Not kidding.

Ramble cut reasonably short, I'm getting back to them lucky stars. You know those weeks that are packed with good-ness? The ones that have you itching to dive from minute to minute? The ones that have us doing anything but routine-like-tail-chasing?  I realised I have one of those weeks...every week! I'm positive we all do, to some extent. So, chin up (me, mainly), cheer up, brighten up! There's always reason to whack on a cheesy!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday's Finds

It's that time of week again! Here are the finds that have been saved in my favourites all week...
1. The perfect way to wind down after a bumper day at work; hang sprigs of eucalyptus behind your showerhead, get the steam happening and enjoy.

2. I was at a beautiful wedding over the weekend - gorgeous lakeside location, fine wine and blooms decorating every surface (and ceiling space) possible. The other thing I noticed? The worry lines marking the bride in her hope that all would run to expected perfection. If you're tying the knot, you might like to stress less and F*ck 'em if they don't like the chairs!

3. Ever wondered where chefs eat? Check this out...not to mention the people behind the design!

Hope it's been a wonderful week for all. See you on the other side of the weekend!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I missed Valentines!

Not kidding. The boy and I got to the end of V-day and realised...we missed the whole thing! We laughed. Not the V-day-celebrating-type, we exchanged a giggled v-day wish for the heck of it and gave thanks to each other, more importantly, for a shatter-proof, any-day-celebrated love! Mushy, I know.

On a side note...I've been busy. Occasionally I'm busy in the caught-up-on-pinterest kinda way. This time, it was a legitimate I'm-flying-through-all-kinds-of-stuff-kinda-busy.  Before I ramble on, this quote got to the point I'm getting to a lot quicker...

Sometimes those things you wouldn't dream of, couldn't want and never ask for come your way...in bucket loads. Seems when we're living for simplicity life has a way of shaking and waking us up to the biggest slap of reality checks! Ramble cut short, I've just leaped from the most unexpected string of less-than-positives to the brightest and most beautiful things I would ask a falling star for; genuine, long-lasting, test-trampling, ground-shaking love. No, really! I don't just mean my boy and I.

I've been perched up in the beauty that followed what one day's excuse for love (sorry Valentines lovers) could ever bring. I've opened my eyes (wider) to the handful of people in my world who'll stand beside me for me, through the darkest and brightest, who'll dance in my happiness (and I in theirs) and light my life by being their genuine selves. What more could you ask for?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Walk yourself happy

I know it looks like I'm obsessed with foot-shots, but it's not the case! This morning, with coffee in hand, I did a classic double-taker and backed myself up to snap this road-side stamp. Seems I've been missing a sneaky health initiative marking the streets around my neck of the woods.
"walk yourself happy, just 30 min a day, be active"
Don't know about you, but I found it hard to walk away from that happy-stamp and not feel guilty about plonking my rear on the couch after a day's work!


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