Friday, August 30, 2013


Look what I found! A bunch of cool links! And (at risk of being painful and spotlight-selfish), I also found my denim cut-offs shoved at the back of my wardrobe. They're coming out pre-season ready for my fun under the Euro sun...just saying, it's happening soon.

1. Founder of The Sartorialist is now a seven-figure money-making snapping cool people in cool clothes. To put it simply.
2. "Look ma, no hands"
3.  If Disney Princesses had phones

You guys be good to yourselves and go have a handful of fun this weekend!

I'll be doing all sorts of good stuff like eating good, whole food with good, sweet people; teaching ballet babies how to point their toes; coaching peeps (not babies) to strengthen and lengthen their body's into the splits. Fun.

Maria x

Friday, August 23, 2013


Well, Friday popped up quicker than I could start thinking about my soon coming European tan lines! Here's some link love.

1. Nifty photography of divers pre and post splash.
2. Someone said "time waster?" Check out this 3D latte art from Japan!
3. People with rubber bands all over their faces, known as rubber band portraits. They're actually a thing.

I'm off to the weekend, kiddies. Whatever you're up to, make it wonderful, bright and bold!
Maria x

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sweet nothings

The past week has seen me 'head down bum up' for a few reasons: prepping for my September ballet exams, prioritising an overload of commitments, mending my shot immune system, and...planning a trip overseas! Correct, kids. Forget the local road trips, the boy and I are heading O/S in a month! So I haven't had much time to snoop the net and get a few sneaky Friday links! I have, however, managed to spot a few visual goodies that are relating to my recent days and moods. Happy to share, as always. Hope you like them.

Always believe in the impossible and keep your daydreams big! One day, it'll be your sweetest reality.
A lot of this has been happening lately and I'm shot to bits!
All I'm saying (for now, with a cheeky grin) shoes and pointe shoes.
I've got a bucket list and it's being ticket.
Packing for overseas. What are the essentials you suggest?
Ah yes, art, music, intrigue and romance. The key ingredients to life. If you disagree, I might just have to jump down from my unicorn and slap you!

Enjoy your weekend, all! Thanks for reading through the week. Apologies for not getting to your wonderful blogs much lately. I'll be back in full swing soon! Maria x 


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