Thursday, November 29, 2012

Crafty offerings

pics via
Unless productivity can be measured by a beach-bronzed body and a new pair of pony-skin kicks I snapped up, then it's pretty fair to say I have just about zilch to show for my 3-week-no-work stretch. I had every good intention of making all those Christmas pressie purchases...promise!

Thank goodness for my sticky beak into Craft Vic's window the other day. It lead me right on over to their revamped catalogue of brilliance; the little day-saver disorganised folk (like me) have been waiting for. Christmas offerings, solved.

p.s. My name is all over those ceramics, in case anyone is asking.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fun in the sun

What's it called when you have 3weeks off from work during spring's most gloriously sun drenched days? Pretty damn lucky...or something like that, right? At this moment, I'm doing a fine job of kicking back between the been-and-gone and the up-and-coming work assignments - I've  been on my A-game snapping up proof of just how much fun-in-the-sun I've been up to. Thought I'd be extra cheeky and share a little a bit with you....

By day, it's a lot of time spent with one of my most favourite people on this earth, my would've-been-sister-but-is-my-cousin, Nicola. This lovely lady and I are taking it upon ourselves to trial the finest coffee and brunch spots across Adelaide, only after a super-charged beach exercise sesh, of course!

A Mother's Milk Unley Rd
Hey Jupiter Ebenezer Place

And if we're not testing the pro-made stuff, we've been spotted sipping a brew and soaking up the rays in my flower-flooded backyard...reading a little of Megan Morton's design file and savouring pure gold (aka honeycomb), as you do.

By sunset, there have been plenty of these extra special dinner hours spent lapping up the still spring nights. Naturally paired with a fine wine in hand and swooned by these delicious tunes...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Handwritten love

The grass is definitely greener since I unwrapped my very own copy of Things I Love by Megan Morton - you might remember this post where I waved a few pompoms around for the release of the delicious mish mash of style inspiration. Making things that much more special is the little personal touch of Megan's grey-inked, handwritten note inside the cover. If you don't already know, anything handwritten sets me giddy; there's something especially charming about a pen-to-paper note of hello, don't you think?

Here's another little sticky beak into a few pages of this beautifully styled print brightening up my days...

all snaps taken by my iphone - sorry about the quality

Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday's FInds

Kick 'em heels up, it's Friday! To get us over the 5pm hurdle a little smoother, I've got a few sneaky links I saved through the week. Enjoy.

1. Here's your latest time-waster. Save it in your favourites and you'll have randomly bouncing cats on your screen at the click of a button. If you see one losing velocity, give it a little click and thoughtfully send it flying again.

2. Should you text him? I dunno. Maybe check this convoluted flowchart that someone whipped up to guide you to that well thought through answer for those problem-relationship moments. I'm still stuck on the fact that someone thought to create it...

3. Still twiddling your thumbs? Here are some pretty fab looping animations by Thoka Maer. The more you watch them, the better they get.

On that note, I'm ready to kick off into the weekend. In fact I can't quite get grip, giddy for the few days to come where I'll be doing nothing too much other than enjoying 3 of my favourite things:

1. Time with the boy, sitting back over a wine and catching up on the whirl of a week just gone
2. Strapping on the pointe shoes and grinning through some no-pain-no-gain hours of training
3. A little time to get my Nigella-esque skills polished up in the kitchen. This time, a little sweet is on the menu. I'll keep you posted!

How do you spend a relaxing, no-plan weekend?


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