Thursday, July 28, 2011

Be Realistic Demand the Impossible

As I have been the most realistic I've ever been and demanded only the most impossible, life has taken this punchy, bumper ride...and still swerving to it's destination. As a result, Shade of Whim (and my list of favourite blogs) has copped a lack of love from me, but I've been itching to get back to it. Mid spin in what's been a battle with my time and a 24-hour clock, an incredibly kind gesture had me stuck in my tracks. And then another, and another. This girl was one of the lovelies to send me an email of "hello and where are you?" that made me burst with a ridiculous ear-to-ear grin! Thank you Lynn xo. My point? 

You'd be bang-on suggesting Shade of Whim doesn’t have a list of followers to brag about. But, what it does have is a whole lot more spesh, and something that I've really missed. It has these wonderful lades (Lynn being one of them) who have kindly added themselves to a little list of followers who take the time to read the words that drive my world and leave this incredible splash of kindness my way week after week.


So, I'm delighted (as happy as them jolly slacks!) to get back into tapping away at this little blog. I'd hate to leave it behind. Fair to say, I never expected this creative little outlet I discovered during those cold wintry months (2010) to become such a great part of my life.  It has literally unravelled this wonderful web (world) that has me doing, seeing, communicating and discovering all that I’ve wanted.
Psst. Attached to those happy pants is this comment from artist Landon Nordeman. If I could borrow his words, they'd be the perfect way to cram my entire 3 paragraphs of blogging ramble into making some sense, quickly!

"My work is about finding the unexpected in the everyday. I always have an idea of what I’m looking for, but I never know exactly what it is until I see it. 


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