Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's back to work we go...

Somewhere amongst hours of relaxation, Easter celebrations (sadly, away from my family this year) and motivation towards a health kick (take 2) post Easter choc consumption (excessive!) 5 days have come and gone a tad too soon. It's back to work for us all...for me, this means a brand spankin' new assignment filling the next 8 weeks of my plan of attack on landing 'that' job. Here's to a 3-day-work-week...and a step closer to 'that' job of mine!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday's Frock {Boy!}

Two trends that haven't reached my wardrobe are denim shirts and excessive floral print. Two trends I never thought I'd see pieced together, especially for the men in the world, were denim shirts and excessive floral print. Funny thing is, I can imagine this making it's way around town with some rolled up slacks and man bag...and I think I wouldn't mind it! Enjoy the weekend and have a Happy Easter.

Monday, April 18, 2011



Want happy friends this Easter? Chocogram provides us with this delicious gift idea of custom printed milk and white chocolate squares of sweet, good stuff. The best bit is Chocogram does next day delivery. Perfect! Wishing everyone a great lead up to a happy Easter!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jumping for Joey!

The long...

and the short of it.
Drum roll please. For those of you who asked for the reveal since this is the chop!

It's all sharp, shiny with some serious bangs thanks to the incredible new hairdresser in my life, Joey Scandizzio. Impressed with my new 'do' is an understatement - he is one talented stylist! With latte in hand, I was seated infront of  Rokk Ebony's (South Yarra) floor to ceiling mirrored wall in the white, uber-snaz salon as I watched Joey move his way 'round my noggin. With minimal conversation and an occasional smile surfacing as 'the bob' came together, his focus was seriously tuned into his scissors and comb working inches off my locks to create this masterpiece I now sport. And yes, the sunnies in the first picture have a purpose. The back area (floor to ceiling windows) of the cafe I visit on my days off catches every bit of morning sun which was especially beautiful two days ago when Melbourne treated us to a few warm and sunny days before we hit the wintry months ahead...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday's Frock {She Comes in Colours}

via Sartorialist, elleUk, Jak and Jil
Hurrah for Friday and cheers to a week packed with a positive punch! Here's some colour to send us off into the weekend...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Colours of Home


Just a little break from the norm - this post takes me back to the colours that fill my daily life at home. They're also the colours that will always and instantly take my memory back to my home -  Adelaide, that is. I've been back in my teeny tiny Melbourne studio/home since New Year after spending a few relaxing weeks at the family home over Xmas. I've had this post (link-less) sitting around since then, never really getting a chance to tidy it up and publish it. So, here goes a little reflection on my perfect, colour-filled start to the new year...

These flowers are all from dad's garden. It's an incredible haven he takes such care of. It became our morning coffee meeting spot. It's also where dad picks these beautiful blooms to cover every (no exaggeration) bench and table top inside. Daily! It's beautiful - surrounded by the scent of roses and fresh colour filling the home. Stopping to smell the roses became a nice part of my daily routine.
See? Beautiful!

Celebrating with a lamb is just how it goes...any excuse to indulge in the salty, lemon drenched, crispy skin of lamb. Sorry vegans! This is one of my favourite pictures. It's captured that moment pre-lunch feast where everyone claims their space around the spit to pick their treat of crispy skin. Delicious! Oh, and that silk shirt I'm sporting? That's from my mum's going-away outfit from her wedding day. I'm on the far left with the pooch by my side, by the way. I'm loving giving the shirt a second life...

Tucking into a home-cooked meal...pictured above are the colourful stuffed vegetables (yemista) mum made and further above is the grilled snapper and seafood feast my granny prepared. These are the meals a 'studio' lifestyle limits to those visits back home/granny's house.
There's 3 reasons why I love this photo:
1. Ii'm with my dad
2. The photo captures the beautiful light that filled the entire day, smiles and all
3. Dad is sporting an apron I made when I was in home economics (year 9 I think.) This will always make me laugh! My girlfriend and I were completely hopeless at sewing (I hate to admit it.) Everyone in class made shorts or pillows and we could barely piece together an apron. The automatic design which the sewing machine lovingly creates for you was another disaster which has left a hole at the bottom corner...I can never get rid of this apron!
This was taken on the same day as my pic with dad (above.) It was the day of the "blessing of the waters," which is held annually at Adelaide's Henley beach followed by plenty of Greek food, music and dance.
Taken on a Girl's day out...the same day as the two pictures above. Yup! It was one great Sunday. Mum and I kick-started the day with a gorgeous lunch seated at Concubine's window. This restaurant is a must if you're in town - Mod Chinese near Adelaide's Chinatown
Chop-sticking our way at whole fried Barramundi, coconut + kaffir lime prawns and Cantonese fried rice gave mum and I something to smile about!
I added a wardrobe favourite - I think I've raided mum's cupboard pretty well. This was also hers. A linen/silk shift with the sweetest details. I'm not normally a dressy, frou type of gal but it's all I lived in through the summer.
Cuddles and more cuddles from pooch pal Dino. The hot pink PoP of colour from a bougainvillea will always remind me of home. My grandma has had one growing in her yard since I can remember...

And so, as I remember these colour-filled moments, I sit back and think about my holiday and the wonderful time spent with family, the road trips, boxes upon boxes of cherries consumed (mainly by me), and the warmth that only 'home' (family) can provide. Watching the balloons float by, I think how lucky I am to enjoy such a lovely view from my teeny tiny studio/home (Melbourne) as I fill this next chapter in life...this is a 'pinch me now' moment! Waking up to a sky spotted with hot-air balloons, for some reason, sets my day to mode 'perfect.' You can't wipe the smile off my face let alone settle the excitement of getting out into a new day ready for the taking!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday's Frock

 When two wedding photographers become one, this is what you get - the entire day, after the big event, was spent taking this beautiful wedding shoot. Worth a peek!


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