Friday, November 1, 2013


 It's Friday. There are finds to be shared! Enjoy.
  1. These two will put you under their spell - a stunning display of raw balletic artistry and power.
  2. Did you know you can activate your own nuts and seeds (skip spending half a fortune in the health food store).
  3. Your design bones are set to shake with this work from Commodity + Ferroconcrete.
  4. Lexus has transformed driving to art. Literally. Your car can paint your portrait and colours it depending on your lead-foot or Sunday-snooze-pace.

    Plus...drum roll...
  5. Adelaide (my hometown, often overshadowed by its bossy neighbours Sydney and Melbourne) has been listed top 9 cities to visit in the world. Did you hear? New York Travel has even boosted our egos! As an Adelaidian, I am so bloody excited to have this little city peek above the haze of stale, production-line cafes, old architecture and foot-stomping-protests against change! We've actually done it and seen the light! A few ease-ups on business and architecture regulations have seen the city blossom overnight with developments, tucked away bars, restaurants and specialty-coffee-making-hide-outs (just waiting for their chance to pounce). High five Adelaide.
Damn good Market Lane filtered coffee from Exchange - specialty coffee guys here in...yep, little old Adelaide.
So the weekend is inching its way closer. Hope it's filled with the brightest stuff you could possibly want. I'm ready to dive head first into date-night-dinners at new CBD eats with my partner in crime (15 years on and my guy still gives me giggly-girl butterflies); I'll be taking plenty of time to chat over Market Lane coffees (remembering how I'd knock back cups of the stuff in my Melbourne-based days); and do good stuff with good people that send good vibes through my soul. Simple.

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  1. Aw, well it will be the first place I visit whenever I make it to Oz!


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