Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chop it!

Coco Rocha via
Noticed this chop on the streets? It's everywhere. The bob is back - I don't think it ever left us? Regardless, it's back, short and choppy with a heavy bang claiming the statement 'do' for 2011. Having sussed out hair cut after cut, I've made the decision. Yup! This will be it. It's been 7 long, long months. My short sharp bob has had its chance to re-live its longer shaggy days by growing itself shoulder length. Good effort. However, after much contemplation and research into the right stylist and cut, I made the call and the date is set. I'm going for the banged bob (Coco Rocha's style to be precise) at this place.

I do feel I'm cheating on my hairdresser of 4-ish years in Adelaide by seeing another guy for the big chop, though. Since I moved to Melbourne last April (yep, it's almost been a year) I've managed to sneak in a bi-monthly appointment every time I'd visit home. Sadly, as flights aren't booked for the next little while I've had to face facts - the time has come to seat myself in front of a new (gasp) hairdresser. I'm reassured my 'do' will be in the safe hands of this new boy though...just check out his work!

Monk Bodhi Dharma

So, ditching the coffee addiction hasn't gone entirely to plan. Can you blame me when this St Kilda haunt exists across the road from work? What once was a little brick-cubby bakehouse is now serving up breakfast and lunch to all seeking a totally vego experience. Everything they do (trust me) is lip smackingly, organically amazing - even when eggs are out of the picture. These guys are serious about their vegan stuff. Coffee is made using only soy or unpasteurised organic milk. Bean blends come in all shapes and sizes - I leave the roast/blend choice to them!

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Pass the waiting pups and stroll on in to meet with the bare brick walls housing Singer sewing tables to seat cosier couples (or the 'single' being me) and the pre-loved workbench accommodating communal dining arrangements. Bottles hang from string with fresh cut blooms.

Enough heavy wooden-stool seating for about 25 (very roughly estimated) people allows you to really settle in and enjoy the relaxed, soul warming atmosphere. The toast and homemade jam ain't so bad either. Oh, neither is the "peace cookie" i treated myself to today - completely vegan, packed with oats, spices, cranberries, coconut, plus. Totally fits in to my health kick!

{Monk Bodhi Dharma - Rear 202 Carlisle Street, Balaclava VIC 3183}

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yes, really

via unknown prints
Wednesdays are often met with multiple hits of the snooze button and a day dragging into forever until we  can see a hint of the weekend peeking through the 5pm shadows. Join me in allowing this week's mid-week-slump to be picked up with a punch of inspiration from James Smith. With background colours shooting to the stars and Milky Way (look closer), James presents a work of typography to set our dreams (and Wedsdee) soaring.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday's Frock

Take a hint from Dior's lip-stained bunch posing backstage at the Fall/Winter 2011/12 show - bin the tweezers, grow out the brow, perfect the cat/smokey-eye and throw on the drama! Enjoy your weekend and Friday's Frock on Saturday (just mixing things up a little).

Monday, March 14, 2011

A salad a day


When the need to shed a couple of kg's off my rear is on the agenda it's the raw goodness of fruit and veg that's called on to lend a helping hand. Whilst I'm off to a good start I can't help but reconsider 'tomorrow as a fresh start' as I'm sipping away at my tea and staring down scrambled, fried, and poached eggs topping freshly toasted sourdough chunks served up to the long-weekenders at my local cafe (it's a long weekend in my neck of the woods). My inner taskmaster is quick to snap me out of the thought of bailing on this health kick, thank goodness. Angela Hardison tells me it's not going to be so  bad either. As I read through her posts she explains that it's all about making sure what you eat consists of 50% or more of raw food. Pretty simple really.

So, as the diet goes raw over the next few weeks I will be gaping stupidly over this site as I allow my eyes to feast on a collection of the yummiest food photography I've come across. Actually, It's proving to be a great source of salad inspiration (see above) and I even found a raw dessert - Baklava completely grain/dairy/gluten/processed sugar free!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday's Frock

via the sartorialist
Reflecting my love affair with scarves and my 'grab this, that and that' approach to dressing myself lately is the chic Hermosa Madrilena. Bangs of perfection, thrown on blazer, pink peek-a-boo on top of those boyfriend shorts, a couple of lace ups and a great timepiece... the only thing wrong is the no-no (in my books) sitting in her right hand.  Aside from that, this is the only picture I've come across in a while combining that "f off" attitude with some seriously effortless elegance. 10/10?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunny Statement

via etsy
Stuff that makes stuff look better - these retro-esque fabric magnets punctuate a statement with the perfect hue of sunny. These little fellas also bring the ideal opportunity to post a cheerfully punctuated "hello" after taking some time away from blogging.

Cool - quote, unquote.


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