Friday, November 8, 2013


Some days I'm willing to let you judge me exactly by my irresponsibly obvious attitude - see above. Here's some other stuff to avoid everything on Friday...until 5pm, of course.

1) Airy. Earthy. Understated. NAMOI, thank you for taking my wardrobe in your talented hands, rejuvenating it with my own mini collection of NaMoi originals. *My credit card has officially got itself into trouble. It whipped itself into the hands of this wonder woman - crazy, I know - and purchased a bag full of well-styled goodies. Tsk tsk. Mind of it's own - but good taste. 
2) More understated fashion-goodness from Kieley Kimmel
3) Art by Andy Denzler. Smudged abstract. Pretty damn good.
4) A ballsy kitchen rug. You'll see what I mean.


  1. I love a ballsy rug, we have one similar actually.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. Is that a real book?!! If yes I totally want to read it.


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