Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Whole30 Wednesday / bare basics

 Happy Whole30-day-14 (to me). It's day 14 and I'm....waiting for day 16 when they say you get the amazing energy boost injected throughout your body. Until I get my new found bounce, here's how the journey has gone so far:

- I feel like rat-droppings, let's be honest - but my clothes are fitting better
- Eating clean and fresh isn't a chore; it's great. I'd just prefer to have a latte (full fat and full stick-my-finger-up-at-no-dairy-clenses) every morning
- My energy isn't crash hot but I put this down to 9-5pm work commitments being more than just 9-5pm hours, plus the stress-pest that follows me home from my office desk
- I've noticed a shift in my body composition. It's been a slower process than I hoped but I'm shuffling the annoying pinchable skin off bit by bit

The thing with Whole30 is you've just got to stick to it. I'm feeling that more on day 14 than ever. Just bloody stick to clean, basic food!

My motivation?
- Kick the tired, cranky, crampy, bloated horribles away
- I need to be in a white leotard in 4 weeks. If that's not motivation to feel like a lean, clean pirouetting machine, I don't know what is


  1. It takes such motivation! Good for you though!

  2. GO YOU!!!!! my friend and i have sworn to start it for REAL on jan. 6th. we were going to start on monday but its HOLIDAY SEASON!!! ahh!!!


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