Wednesday, May 30, 2012



It's been a while since a good 'type' post has graced this blog's pages. Just as well, I came across this beauty. Bariol regular comes in all shades 'rounded'. Nice huh?

p.s. Apologies for going AWOL lately. Life's twists and turns in all wonderful directions has seen me fight with the 24hour clock to spend a few minutes tapping away in blog-world.  Thank you for your comments most recently, though, and I promise to get back into the swing of things and checking my list of favourite blogs again soon!

Friday, May 25, 2012

...and now for the bubbles

With my new job venture under way, the past bumper of a week snatched every ounce of concentration and buzz within me. Fair to say I'm itching to get my tappers into some inched-up kicks for my super-duper-one-of-a-kind-count-them-on-one-hand-kinda-friend's hens 'do'. With our lists of of to-do's now checked off as have-dones, us (that's four of us) bridesmaids are ready to pop the bubbles and paint Adelaide town red....and pink, thanks to our well thought out colour scheme!

On a note of all things fluffy, white and wedding-like, here's a few links to get us swaying to 5pm a little quicker.

1. This wedding ticks a few perfection boxes...and then some! Although I'm not one to usually lean the formal way, I must admit I'm a sucker for a well donned bow tie...

2. One step ahead of the pack are Oscar De La Renta's 2013 bridal threads.

See you on the other side of a wonderful weekend x

Friday, May 18, 2012

Tutu Couture


Roksanda Ilicnic

House of Worth

Agent Provocateur
Ten of the fashion industry's top designers limbered up and sewed their trademarks into one off couture tutus for The English National Ballet's auction - Louboutin contributing a set of stiletto pointe shoes of course.

With only a few hours to see me out to the weekend and into a new job adventure next week, I'm doing a little happy dance of my very own. If you're wondering, I've been lucky enough to score a writing gig (finally!). Not only is it the one thing I've been wanting to pull up my sleeves and dive into, but it's happened in my home-town which I originally moved away from to pursue this career possibility. Anything is possible...

Have a wonderful weekend and welcome to my new bunch of followers I met this week! Thanks for the support ladies x

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Home is where the heart sings


That weekend away I told you about? It happened. In a bigger and better way than I could've imagined; packed to the rim with laughs, love and some special people I have in my life. I will continue to pinch myself for as long as they're around! If you've missed my earlier posts, the weekend getaway took me back to  Melbourne, the place I claimed home for the past 2 years. The beginning of 2012 saw me move back to my Adelaide family-home and when given the chance, I've been singing my bratty woes of missing Melbourne town's vibe and tribe of cultured creatures. This weekend, though, ripped every one of those spoilt-kid-thoughts to shreds and placed a new found appreciation and realisation. Melbourne's beautiful buzz and cafe lined nooks aren't rating on my importance radar. It's the family, the people that my heart sings for. It's these people that inject our own corner in this world with matter where that may be.


On a note of all things warm and fuzzy, my sticky beak was drawn to Vanessa Partridge's Melbourne home and its cosy appeal. This pretty, weatherboard home comes with all the trimmings and charm - the commanding presence of a deer head included. Since it ticks all my interior design boxes, I'm considering taking up residence.  On a day like today, in reflection-mode and all, I can picture myself huddled amongst those cushions and art-dressed walls. Take a snoop.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Go on then...

Time is tickin'! I've been counting down the hours till my boy and I jet-set off to a weekend away - breaking the routine is much needed and our Melbourne-bound tickets have me in a fat-kid-and-cake scenario. I can't wait for a return to the town. Hope your weekend turns out just as great, whatever it is you choose!  Here's a few links to get us there a little sooner...

1. Speaking of "change" I like to think that I'll get myself into an organised state instead of crawling my way out of a panicked huff every morning. Something that makes me feel like I'm moving in the right direction is spotting this pretty collection of trays. Nothing like a good tray to feel like things are getting organised, right?

2. Here's another one for the "change" bin. Seen the Time cover showing a mother breastfeeding her 3yo kid? Anything for free publicity, you might say...

3. Know what 10,000plus cupcakes look like dressed as a cherry blossom tree? No? Crumbs and doilies do...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Manmade forecast

Neither are these digitally manipulated effects nor white fluffy stuff suspended from the ceiling. Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde has managed to work the seemingly impossible and bring these surreal indoor (real) clouds to life. By using smoke, moisture and lighting,  Smilde's ephemeral creations hang about long enough only to photograph their existence. Suspended in the empty, somewhat austere surrounds, Smilde's work presents this fascinating interplay between something beautifully ethereal yet unsettlingly eery. On another note, if you need a second's time-out from Thursday's morning workload, Smilde's work justifies you to a little time spent head-in-the-clouds...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The way we walk, the way we talk

Nothing beats a weekend spent indulging in all the good stuff - well served nosh, good coffee and a dive into that new read I mentioned last time. More reflective than anything else, here goes a post of thanks to a good time spent.

Seems Adelaide is picking up pace with the new generation of restauranteurs feeding the city with a refreshing take on the traditionally stale dining experience...and doing a damn good job of it. Here's my few Hurrah's to a couple of Adelaide eateries that had my praises plastered firmly on their shift away from the conservative norm this city does 'so well.'

images snapped by my iphone. sorry about the quality.
First up was The Stranded Store early Saturday morning. I am jumping out of my socks for this treasure of a cafe around the corner from our family home. White washed walls and wooden floors house the local art dressing this cosy interior. I snuggled in amongst the cushion lined bay-window and drifted away into the world George Bizos (the new read) took me to. A second coffee later  thanks to a lovely visit from my mum set the tone for nothing but a great day ahead....

Nicola. She's the one I'm talking about...
And then night fell. My cousin (who is more like that little sister I never had) and I ventured bravely into Adelaide's dining scene to find something offering a little more Melbourne inspired. If you know Adelaide, you'll appreciate the challenge we were up for!  We opted for Melt - a known tapas haunt in our neck of the woods.

Melt has been an easy option for me when it comes to looking for a relaxed night out dining with decent atmosphere, tapas to please and a selection of imported drops to sauce us through the night. Not too long ago, the local-ish (to me) city fringe haunt opened up it's second set of ovens inner-city-way and has since injected some much needed non-try-hard charm to the town. Aesthetically, its got all the goods. Wood tones, dimmed lights just bright enough to feature graffiti walls and a blackboard tapas menu carried by waiter to every table of new-comers. Not to mention, the pizza we devoured was every bit of perfection. Without rambling further, the pics might shine a little more light on Melt's CBD charm livening up this once sleepy town. Graffiti lanes and all! Adelaide, I'm impressed...

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hop, skip & a jump

Was it just me or was that a whirl of a week? Dunno 'bout you, but I'm limbering up and prepping a sprinters start to bolt off into a couple of days to recoup. Nothing sounds better than settling down to weekend-morning-hours with a strong caffeine hit at a new haunt and launching myself into a new read! But before I can get to the good stuff, there's a few hours between me and Friday's finish line. To help me (and you) along the way, here's a couple of finds to click...

1. Manning Cartell's ss2012 collection is a breath of fresh air and has me wishing these wintry days could move on a little quicker!

2. Wondering where the top nosh is at these days? San Pellegrino has released its top 100 list of the Best restaurants in the world...and four of them are here in Australia! 

Have a lovely weekend! x

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Got my brat pants on again. Hear me out though. At risk of sounding impressively lame, a few quiet moments saw me sitting here in a dejected state of "poor me's" thinking about all the beautiful Melbourne retail finds missing from my life. I really thought I'd sourced all the online stores I would need to distract me from the absense of the real-deals...but apparently not! Today I caught a few whispers about a label I'd grown pretty fond of and realised that I'd completely missed bookmarking Nique's online store! I felt like I was leaving the memory of a loved one behind in the blur of the past! Seems I need not sob away much longer. Word is, Nique has spread its threads with their pop-up store brightening up the streets 'round Adelaide way...and my mood. Nice of the guys.

For those of you who don't know, Nique took its first baby steps in Melbourne as a design studio that pursued an interest in fashion on the side with their first windcheaters stitched back in 1998. Since then, the Nique aesthetic caught on literally overnight and with 180 outlets stocking their label around this world, it's pretty clear their on to a good thing.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Meeting Point

meeting room
bingo golf
relax box
bar / all images via 
Belgium based studio 5AM created the concept of "meeting point for starting companies" to fill a static, bare central point for surrounding offices. Breaking the mold of conventional office furniture, 5AM communicated its response to the demand for different ways of working with its series of 7 volumes of plywood. Each steel framed box is lined with acoustic felt and can be rolled around the space to create more functions. Like bingo golf and darts. Seems I took up the wrong job!


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