Thursday, November 7, 2013

Whole30 Wednesday / Lemon tonic

Week 2 of Whole30 has been going OK, thanks. Here's the deal with week 2:

- I haven't been fighting huge huger or sugar cravings
- I'm waiting for day 16 where the energy-bug kicks in
- I've been sleeping like a log (but feeling like I need more than I'm getting). I can't keep my eyes open past 10pm
- I admit I have 1 day off of Whole30 per week (tsk-tsk me, go on) but I still see and feel results
- Speaking of results, something is happening - my stomach is getting flatter(ish) slowly
- I do feel an emotional wreck, I admit. Those around me would be nodding their noggins off, reading this. I'm a little tired, drained, unsure of my progress and over-thinking everything. Fear not, I'm not giving up
- Skin is in its detoxifying stage (which isn't so pretty), my eyes are looking a little brighter and my complexion is showing signs of a glow peeking through the dull patches
- Training is beginning to feel better. Balancing up en pointe (ballet point) is feeling easier as I'm staring to feel less groggy, achy and "full"
- I'm feeling healthy and light, even if I'm not quite looking it yet

Adding lemon to water is also a perfect habit to get into whilst on Whole30. I try to keep a lemon at my desk to squeeze into a cup of hot water throughout the day - makes you feel like you've stepped into a spa retreat, not to mention the health benefits going on.

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