Friday, November 15, 2013


Yoohoo! It's Friday! See below for some nifty time-nibblers.
  1. Speaking of nibbles, get your peepers over Jamie Oliver's Chorizo and tomato salad. Yum
  2. THE BEST BUB CHAIR YOU WILL SEE...not to mention the branding
  3. Spoiler alert! Get straight to the point of a movie with these 5-second-graphics
  4. Contemporary art seems totally devoid of smiles. Why you no say cheese?
  5. Double helix ring by Vale
 Hope those few finds get you onto the best possible start for a weekend of good stuff. I'll be:
  1. Teaching a bunch of amazing girls how to samba, stretch and weave their way through some Afro-contemporary. Itching to get into my dance shoes.
  2. Staying off sugar. That's right. I've kicked ol' sugar in the butt. More on that on Wednesday Wellness, soon.
  3. Did someone say grapes? Heading up to Adelaide's Robert Johnson winery for a girls Sunday "long lunch" and wine sipping. More on that in Sweet Nothings soon.


  1. ohhhh girl, i need to kick the sugar, ha!

    1. Krystal it's the best thing I've done!!

  2. this weekend was SO needed in my life. haha! thanks for the time-nibblers, love that expression :) clicked right over to the JO salad and now my mouth is officially in watering mode. wow, that thing looks tasty! great assortment of finds Maria, the ring is very special and such a simplistic piece of art.

    congrats on saying "suck it" to sugar - wish i had that resolve. i've tried and failed many times before. i'll keep an eye out for your upcoming reveal post about it for insp!!! your Sunday plans sound like so much fun, it's pretty rainy here today. we've tucked in under the blankets until Monday morn arrives. xo ♥


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