Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Finds

//via my instagram
Phew.  That bumper of a week has left me spinning and ready for what the weekend has in store - time with my boy who just got back from his os travels and my early-b'day-pressie calfskin Ralph Lauren wallet that came with him! Must say, as much as an early b'day pressie can smack a big, fat ear-to-ear on my noggin, nothing can quite match the giddiness of being able to hop-skip-and-JUMP back into his arms. Before I kick off into the weekend joys, here's a few random finds that'll be keeping me busy and entertained. Enjoy...

1. I'm all about sourcing a good DIY lately.  I've also been on the hunt for tea cups with a difference...until I realised I could DIY my way to tea cup individuality!

2. I'm a sucker for old school ways...the sound of typewriter keys clicking away included. You too? Check this out. Typewriters are now fully functional USB keyboards for iPad, PC and Mac.

3. I've fallen for rings of the super skinny kind. Timeless. #1 would be more than welcome as an addition to my digits.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

27cm rule

As a joke (funny to me) I had this imaginary "27cm rule-thing" going in my mind. A few years ago after moving to Melbourne, this randomly plucked number became my imaginary ruler that would measure the distance I'd hold myself back from all things wonderful but challenging. Subconsciously (mainly out of fear of falling flat on my backside) I'd be standing just "27cm away" from kickin' a few goals in my achievement-department; I'd be holding myself back those "27cm" from digging my digits into something I really, madly wanted. Fear, hesitation, all that energy-wasting-stuff would make up those 27cm's. Pathetic really.

These 27cm have recently crept up on me again and placed themselves between me and my ability to tap away at this blog. I'm not sure how other bloggers feel, but occasionally I feel I can’t quite get a grip of my ability to post something half-interesting. I've kept this up long enough to place a firm 27cm distancing me until I find the exit from hesitation and get a rejuvenated blogging confidence. Posts might be a little less frequent for the moment but I do hope to see you all when I’ve kicked my 27cm ruler in the butt for good.

Isn't it a great feeling when you free yourself from all that doubt-driven-rubbish and just go for 'it'.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lights, camera, instagram-filter...

my tappers via my instagram
I'm very proud to announce...the (late) arrival of my instagram profile. After much, much persuasion, I've jumped on board the snap-happy-app and (I hate to eat my words and admit) am loving it more than expected! Head on over and follow my snaps of the little things stopping me in my tracks, plus the random happenings alongside my daily do's.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

1 picture/1000 words

I've been sharing an awful lot of "me, me, me" posts lately - sorry to hog the spotlight. I have one more "me moment" for you, though. I found the pic above this morning and cracked myself up - this is exactly how I pictured myself in last night's class! Some of you might not know that after (way too long ago) thinking I'd hung up my ribbons and tights for good, I got sick of procrastination and stomped my foot down in the decision to complete my ballet quals. With 3 exams set for next year and no time for muckin' about, I've got right into things - last night I found myself (for the first time in years) 'articulating my feet' and springing back up to the tips of my less-blistered-more-pampered toes. As much as I'm revelling in getting back into the greatest thing I've known, my feet aren't exactly expressing that same joy this morning thanks to last night's less than subtle reminder of the salt baths, methylated-spirit-blister-soaking sessions, and band-aid-strapped toes to come. Funny thing is, that's surprisingly all part of the fun! All pain aside, with ballet ready to re-consume 92% of my life again, I'm finding it pretty easy floating through the day to the words below...
Enjoy your day, lovely people. Thanks for stopping by and to those that leave a message or two. x

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Remembering tomorrow

Xavier Encinas via
Last night I had the craziest dream. All of my "tomorrows" of 2011 (you know, dreams, coffee catch ups, plans and nice stuff) flooded my memory. Everything I love(d) was under the spotlight in a madcap, circus-like roadshow. Gets weird. Every face I knew exactly this time last year (the people I'd work with, the ones I'd join in coffee queues, the mag shop owner) starred in the show donning top hats, tutus and attempting some kind of act.

"Remembering Tomorrow" via
Gets weirder. Today, as I'm struggling more than ever to find something all new and original to post, I resort to clicking into my drafts. The one I look to is appropriately titled "remembering tomorrow." This is where the "ooh's and ahhh's" chime in and an unexplainable jumble of crock slots right into a some sense (at least for me).

Rambles aside, I'm not one for digging up the past but if I didn't send myself batty dreaming about last year's "tomorrows," I can't imagine when I would've been pointed back in the direction of Encinas' work (saved in this draft post) to share it with you lovely readers. Check it out. Hope you like it.


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