Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Resolution free

As we gear up towards the new year I've had a couple of days out of blog land to think about all things 'resolution.' With the belief that resolution setting falls in a flop mid-week 1 of January, I prefer to work on a slightly different action plan. I like Future Me's take on it. This nifty site allows you to send an email to yourself and choose the future date it appears in your inbox. I can also appreciate how this goes along the lines of visualising what you want in your life - writing as though it's happened along with collecting a few key images is said to do the trick! Looking back on 2010, my year's action plan is almost covered in big, bold ticks to claim this method a success!

Here goes the letter (albeit lighthearted) to give my 2011 a helpful nudge in the right direction. What's in it for you, you say? Read on for the perfect solution to our Xmas-indulged tums.

Dear future self,

You did it! Pat on the back for scoring that dream job! How are you going with kicking that caffeine addiction in the butt? With places like 30Mill setting up shop around the corner from you it must be tough...

Shall I be cheeky in assuming that a fabulous dance partner asked for your hand in cha-cha? Just in case you're still contemplating your attack on the dream, I figured the perfect motivation would be realising it's not yours truly posing perfectly in this picture. Frustrating, isn't it?

I'm so glad you found the exit from the lazy couch-comforts of 2010! Aren't you looking fab! Your previous posts about (Elle's trainer) James Duigan's Clean and Lean diet obviously set the foundation. Psst! His new release is out in Jan 2011 to flatten our tums post Xmas indulgence. Keep tabs here if you must, but you heard it from me first.
On a final note, I'm delighted to hear you managed to fly somewhere holiday related. It's been some time since spotting the ocean from your window seat. Oh! And that crockenbouche you made was an absolute treat!

Love you to bits,
Past me.

Give it a go! It's a whole lot more entertaining than scribbling a list of resolutions in ugly red pen, right? 


  1. I LOVE THAT! Soooo.....affirming! Doesn't hurt that I'm also laughing right? Must find the time this week to do my own. Maybe I need to recieve one of those letters from Future Me every week????????

  2. thank you for that idea!!! i'm definitely gonna try that site out too :)


  3. love the positive energy. I'll try to do that. Following you. Hope we can follow each other.


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