Wednesday, December 29, 2010

By chance, would you?

Image from coco and kelly blog

*Quote: Never give up on something you can't go a day thinking about...

After posting Resolution free, I've come across so much wonderful inspiration from blog-land to bring a dream into reality. Some great ideas here and here if you're interested. However, to keep my dreamy side (consuming 98% of me) in check, the rational thinker within is steering me away from reflection-mode and tells me the key to success is all bout a quote and some bling. This fierce combination is the *quote I've had saved on my laptop coupled with the dainty Kate Spade chain and its less than subtle nudge in the right direction. They both seem to reflect a powefully inspiring message. To me, this screams a challenege. I'm a sucker for it - nothing kicks my rear into line better than a challenge! The rational thinker is also whispering something about being better equipped with some Kate Spade hanging around my neck...I couldn't agree more.


  1. HAha i love that necklace! I allready wish you a happy newyear!

  2. love it, you go with your KS bling! and i LOVE that quote, so on point. ♥

  3. Have to love Kiki-K! Happy new year! I hope your celebration was suitably festive. I too am now following your blog - thank you for commenting on mine. Sally

  4. I'd LOVE this necklace and now I have that song Take a Chance on me in my head :)


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