Sunday, December 5, 2010

the sweetest treat

Calling lovers of the cupcake. Hidden in Degraves (one of Melbourne's laneway havens) this place is nothing but a sugar dose from the Gods. With flavours like lamington, red velvet, and creamy coconut, you'll just need to keep the temptation of scoffing these pretty things in check. Enjoy your sweet moment in this beautifully designed shop front seated at the flower donned dining table, watch lane-goers do as they do, and study the hanging chalkboard menu for your next indulgence. Thank goodness calorie consumption is not via the stare of greedy eyes.

A note for the devoted cupcakee: flavours are baked according to the 'calendar' so if you're after a cinnamon treat on Thursday, you'll be waiting a whole 6 days til cinnamon Wednesday! Yes siree they're serious about their cake.

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