Thursday, December 9, 2010

My type of art

image: junebugs blog

Today, I realised I can't walk past a great card stand without attempting to identify the fonts. So what, you say? This made something shockingly clear to me - this love of the wordy stuff has grown to serious obsession. Do I mention my abode is dressed with framed words of varying fonts, colours and sizes?

As much as I appreciate fine art, what I really love is to see the meaning smack bang in front of my face.  Spell out the Love, a "hello", a message to "follow my bliss" and do it all with pretty letters. Coulson Macleod knows what I'm on about.  Coulson is the talented contemporary artist with a collection of gorgeous typography who's artwork is spreading like wildfire through the lifestyle magazines of the world...and now my blog.


  1. I think these are charming.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. That art is simple.. Yet amazing!

  3. I think writing can by art just as much as a picture can, and these framed prints are proof. I think they're fabulous- but I'm a writer, and a little bit obsessed with lettering, so I might be biased :)

  4. Love them all! So simply yet perfect!


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