Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Put your money where your mouth is.


This pudding could have been centre stage at your Christmas dinner if only all 25,000 of them hadn't flown off the shelves in just a few hours.  This is one mighty pud we're talking about! With a whole orange hiding inside, trendy London chef Heston Blumenthal's creation is not just a masterpiece dessert to stuff our already bursting tums this Christmas. This pud is raising serious debate over issues from economic inequality to the blindfold we 'view' the current recession through. It appears, in our best Christmas spirit yet, we're continuing to highlight the perils of the 'season of consumerism' as the big bucks are parted with by those trying to snatch up their own Waitrose pudding. In case you're wondering, eBay is now the only place delivering the goods. Just prepare to set your wallet back around $1,700.

As I am yet to experience Heston Blumenthal's food creations, I will admit that if my pennies would extend so far, a slice of  Waitrose pud would be in my gob this Christmas.

Could you justify the pricey treat or have we taken this Christmas cheer a penny too far? 

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