Monday, October 14, 2013

From Cyprus, with love

28th Birthday celebrations with my love.
We're back! Cyprus treated us with open-armed-love and kissed us with the sweetest rays; I spent my 28th Birthday in finger-locks with my love, overlooking the purest crystal waters, amongst the joy and warmth of family...pinching myself for such blessed and simply sweet days, people and love. I'm now finding my feet again on home ground, getting back into the brilliant stuff filling my days - including your blogs.

Here's a snoop into our stunner getaway; from beach parties to mountain views, political disrupt, to a precious insight into generations of family history.

For anyone that knows the political situation in Cyprus, seeing the Greek flag flying with pride (on every street corner, at every Tavern, on boats, balconies and street side graffiti) filled my senses with the passion and patriotism that lives on - left me speechless.

The essentiasl: Love-lock holds and Aesop.
Thank you to those who left wishes for our engagement - you filled my heart with so much warmth. It's a strange but wonderful place, this blogging world; most of us have never met but have shared our journeys and gotten to know one another in amazing ways over years of story-telling-posts. I have a beautiful group of blogging buddies I couldn't do without. Your wishes tickle me pink xx


  1. Yay, you're back! Glad you had a great time in Cypress...and happy belated birthday!! Congrats on your engagement again.

  2. Welcome home, lovely lady - and very happy belated birthday to you, too! It looks like you had an absolutely stunning holiday - the blue skies, the white sand, the crystal clear water... I can't help but be just a bit envious!

  3. Perfecto birthday my friend, I'm not been myself.

    Buckets & Spades

  4. oh Maria, what incredible pics to keep those awesome memories alive! looks like the sun did kiss you guys and provide loads of bright leaks to fill your hearts for years to come :) celebrating not only your 28th b-day but also your engagement there must have been surreal. love the shot of your hands clasped in the sky, so good right?! ♥

    ps: thank you so much for all the puppeh love you left us, Tayeh would send you a cyber lick if she could!! xo


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