Friday, September 20, 2013

Found (and I'll be back soon!)

Before I set off into the European sunsets for a couple of weeks, I've got a few things to share.

1. BBC shows off the latest must-have gadget instead of an iPad...a pack of A4 paper.Oops!
2. Hands down, this is the most fun you will have in your office today - playing dot-to-dot!
3. More (polka) dots and beautifully styled ladies at Milan Fashion Week.
4. This Apple Tart looks mighty fine. Apparently the maker of this tart is the Apple-Tart-Queen according my go-to blogger for all things cake at Cupcakery blog.

I've lost the links to both images! Will try to update as soon as I find them.
Well kiddos, I'm feeling like I've been swinging around with party balloons all week. I'm ready to scoot off to the sunsets of Cyprus with my...fiance! This is something sugary-sweet I'm still getting my tongue around (the word fiance, not Cyprus sunsets)! Plus, if you hadn't heard, I said YES to my incredible man as our love-lock was sealed with a stunningly-perfect digit accessory.

I'll see you on the other side of 12 days! Be good and keep the light, bright n' happy stuff in your days.

Maria x


  1. Great links! The A4 paper article made me smile and the apple pie brought back memories of my Grandma's pie! Enjoy Cyprus! We were there a few years ago - an island which has so much to offer.

  2. Hope you're having a wonderful time!

  3. I hope you're having a wonderful time in Europe, Maria - I can't imagine a more perfect way to celebrate your engagement! Speaking of which, huge congratulations to you and your man, I'm so very happy for you both :) I hope you're positively basking in bliss on your travels.

  4. happy times Maria! going as a newly engaged couple is pretty special in its own right, i bet this'll be the trip of a lifetime for you both!! apart from the ring slipping on a finger i'd hussle mine into that mighty fine sounding apple tart for a taste test ;) sounds delish!

    wishing you every best there ever was, is and will be!!! xo ♥


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