Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Wellness / STRIKE A POSE

Sun salutations to you all!

I've kicked myself into the next gear, ditched the mouse-wheele-esque gym sessions and revamped my exercise routine with Bikram Yoga. Not only does it sit sweetly alongside my ballet training, there's a tonne of health and wellness benefits that I'm already noticing.

1. Flexibility - a biggie in my books. Get your limbs more flexible and they'll appear longer and leaner. Cherry on the cake is my arabesque height inched a few degrees closer to my ear.
2. Metabolism booster - the heat helps break down fatty acids and glucose.
3. You'll sleep better.
4. Core and spinal strengthening - another big one! I literally felt aligned and rock-like stable. My first ballet class after a Bikram session was proof; I triple pirouetted like never before, not to mention the kick of strength from my back and core - I even had to look twice at myself - my body was doing amazing things.
5. Serenity now - Bikram (for me) has amazing healing powers for mind and body. 90 minutes of nothing else but focusing on my body, breath, my discipline and commitment to the pose - bliss.
6. Skin - toxins are flushed from your body leaving your skin glowing.

Here are the 26 poses and why they're gold.

Who's tried it? Did you like it?

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  1. I've been doing yoga for a bit now and I enjoy the more flexible feeling. Stuff isn't as much of an effort.

    Buckets & Spades


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