Monday, May 20, 2013

Whole30: bouncing off walls

I can claim a solid (almost) three of weeks of the Whole30 food challenge/lifestyle change (not a diet!) and I'm feeling damn fine to boot! My energy is up, my stomach is f-l-a-t, I'm sleeping like a bambino, fitting into my clothes with room to spare and I'm thinking clearer. I'm not missing dairy, I don't crave sugar, I don't depend on coffee, I'm a hot-water-with-lemon-and-a-cinnamon-stick-converted-sipper aannd my skin is getting its glow back!

I should mention I didn't choose to tackle Whole30 for weight loss and I already had a reasonably clean diet. Tackling it was more a test of my willpower and I was curious to see if my gut really was reacting to grains, sugars and my cheese addiction.

The kind of stuff Whole30 gets on your plate. via

 Results so far:
1. I've lost inches. Getting into a ballet leotard every day of the week is a perfect measure of fat loss/gain (like it or not) and I could tell my mirrored reflection was looking leaner. You're not meant to weigh yourself on Whole30 (it's called willpower), but I had to confirm things with my scale pin! I've lost 2.5kg.

2. Speaking of willpower, I've fallen flat on my face over each weekend (Greek Orthodox Easter followed by Mother's Day celebrations will do it do you). So, I've basically done Whole30-weekdays and had a day off to enjoy something non-Whole30 once a week. Tsk tsk me if you must but I haven't fallen into a Whole30-failures-pit and I'm still seeing results.

3. My gut most definitely reacts to the non-whole30 stuff - dairy and grains. That wasn't a fun trial.

4. My skin is lookin' good. All I'm applying these days is my Aesop Fabulous Face Oil, a little mascara and I'm off!

I should've been more prepared to kick something like this off to go for gold (30 days straight). However, I really think weekdays of Whole30 eating with a couple days off is do-able and a much more longer-term approach. My results speak for themselves! I feel better heading to training with a light (did I say flat!) stomach, I don't have as many aches and irritations and I can pop anything on from my wardrobe without feeling pinched, squeezed or 'fat.' Not willing to compromise that for a cup of ready-to-bloat-me milk any time soon.


  1. Good for you. I'm seriously considering trying it.

  2. I would love to follow each other! I follow you right now, please follow back as promised, thanks!
    Love, Anna

  3. Sounds like it is working wonders for you!

  4. Good for you, girl! I'm impressed by your willpower. :-)

  5. Oh Maria, you are a strong woman! My husband is a chef and does most of the cooking at home, so attempting any diet like this is not an option for me without a lot of pleading. I've read about Whole30 with some interest but, especially living in France, grains and dairy are such essential parts of our diet, it's hard to know what would be left if we took them away! Still, we subscribe to a similar approach to food - eating clean during the week and indulging on the weekends and find that, in terms of things we've tried, its the easiest and most manageable. Wishing you good luck with your final week of the challenge. If my poor battered feet ever allow me to take up ballet again {which, sadly, is very unlikely}, I'll keep the Whole30 in mind for getting into leotard shape!

  6. yah for good results! its def a better way to have some time off....and usually it always ends up reminding me that i don't actually want the sugar. i much prefer to eat clean now! if anything, it is a great learning experience!
    (sorry i spammed you all those emails, haha!)

  7. Very inspiring! I've been considering trying eating clean for awhile and this post is pushing me even closer to actually making the jump!


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