Monday, May 13, 2013


How was the weekend, lovely readers? Mine was as good as they get, flowing with love, laughs and much-craved hugs from my guy. Thing is, the same puddle-stomping-joys can't always be transferred through to Monday's morning hours. Not unless you've got yourself a polka dot of cuteness to nudge your mood brighter- the cure for all crappy moments! This little dot comes from a series of posters pieced together by a bunch of design buffs who were asked to represent a musical genre with one shape and one type. Clever.

Have a great start to a week drenched in rays of happiness, wonderful readers xx


  1. Happy Monday, Maria! These designs are the perfect Monday morning moodlifter - I loved the first two but, not surprisingly, when I scrolled down to the third one, huge smile came over my face. That bowtie on the white background... so perfectly simple and elegant, so, well, classical :) Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Yeah, definitely a mood booster! xx

  3. hey dude, thanks for stopping by and the very kind words, very nice of you to say so. I'm glad you have been enjoying it. I always like a swing by a new blog, first post, so good so far. Just pinned the acid house one actually.

  4. I love that first "polka dot" one!


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