Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's gonna happen!

Anyone got one of those crazy soundin' goals they’d love to achieve? Same! I've sat on this one for years, worried about putting it out there and having to make the commitment.

I've realised I'm subconsciously making these next couple of years all about indulging in my passions. I’ve decided it’s time to load up on commitments, plunge into hours of study and re-master my piano skills to finish my final exams.

There, I said it.
At risk of totally exposing my inner nerd, Rachmaninoff and I have met once again! He’s back on my piano stand after years of sitting neglected beside my piano, stacked under music of the greats. I couldn’t be more thrilled to tackle the challenges (hour upon hour of them) this concerto serves up!

What are you committing yourself to?


  1. That's a lovely goal.

    I played piano when I was little but it was all about the exams and I never found myself enjoying it.

  2. Dream big! I follow you now back xjess

  3. Relearning my favourite pieces is a huge goal of mine - I used to play the piano A LOT and took all the exams, but at the moment I don't have a piano to play on and I can feel myself losing it! It really is my favourite pastime - I'm so glad I stuck with it when I was younger. Just discovered your blog by the way, it's beautiful. xox


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