Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday's Finds

Don't ask me where that week just went! All I know is the weather is cooling right down in my neck of the woods and my Hunters are prepped for some rainy days (can't wait)!  I also kept a few links up my sleeve for these Friday hours...

1. Ceramics. I'm a sucker for them. More so when an Adelaide (my little hometown) designer produces stunning pieces like these!

 2. I confess, I love a good jumpsuit. Tell me these well styled ladies won't convince the crowds that a jumpsuit can't look a million bucks!

3. Met Gala happened! Check out the threads here.

Here's to another wonderful two days off and a Happy Mother's Day to our wonderful mums. Spoil them rotten, tackle breakfast on Sunday morning and don't forget to thank them for the stuff (us) they put up with. Love you mum. x


  1. Breakfast is the very least we can do :)

    1. too true Thelma!! Thanks for stopping by :) have a great weekend. Maria x

  2. I LOVE that jumpsuit, it's SO good!

  3. Happy Friday, Maria! I can't help but smile when I read Australia blogs and see you all readying for winter while I'm sitting hoping spring sticks around for another day after months of rain and gray skies :) And as for jumpsuits, although I doubt I'd ever personally wear one, there is no denying that that gray one is just fabulous!

  4. I like the look of jumpsuits but I personally don't like to wear them because I have to get half naked to use the toilet. Heh. Happy weekend!

  5. its so rainy here right now so i had to bust out my wellies this morning. love it though :)


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