Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What I've been up to / Autumn gatherings

baked eggs, brekky salad, fresh baked pain d'epi, homemade butter and a fresh brew of coffee.

brekky salad of avocado halves, crisp prosciutto, fresh ricotta and snow pea sprouts.

tablecloth - butchers paper with scribbled menu

I'm a total sucker for the experience of wining and dining in aesthetically-pleasingly-perfect surrounds. But it's not only about picking some fine nosh and wine. The happenings around our table matter too, if not more - the moments, the laughs, discussions and memories made.  Last Sunday's autumn (Mother's Day) gathering was spent in rustic brilliance...if I may say so myself. I pulled my Pain D'Epi loaf from the oven to accompany two versions of baked organic eggs and teamed it all with made-from-scratch ricotta over a brekky salad with a side of homemade butter (yes, jar-shaken with a pinch of salt). If you're gonna do things right, you may as well make your own butter!

The sweetest part of this gathering for a few was bringing together the food I believe in with a perfectly mismatched table setting and having everyone enjoy it as much as I did prepping it.

Recipes if you're interested:
Ricotta in 15 minutes
Pain D'Epi sea salt and olive oil French bread


  1. I always forget that you're easing into autumn right now while we're just hoping spring will stick around... that must make Mother's Day quite a different experience, in the northern hemisphere it's all about breakfasts with fresh fruit that is just coming into season :) Although I must say, I can't argue with any meal that involves home-made butter, no matter what the seasons. It looks like you made an absolutely wonderful feast for Mother's Day!

    1. fresh spring/summer fruits are my favourite! Thanks Cee, it was so enjoyable to prepare and I think everyone enjoyed it!
      Heading over to see your new post - I loved what I saw on Pinterest!! x

  2. I would normally pfft! at salad for breakfast but this look amazing. Also, homemade butter?

    1. haha - so would I but I wanted to incorporate avos into this brekky. Plus, the baked eggs needed some GREEN to break things up :D
      yup, homemade butter. It sounds more difficult than what it is. I decided to do it while waiting for the cheese because I had a heap of cream left over. I put some in a jar and started shaking it (you literally just shake cream!) and it worked out. I'll post a recipe soon. ;)

  3. How lovely!!! I love pretty (and yummy) food! :-)

    1. Thanks Susannah :) It turned out so well. I was really pleased...and it was so yummy!

  4. I love this food! Sure we can follow let me know when you follow me with facebook and bloglovin and I follow you back. XJes


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