Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I swung by a favourite blog of mine, hearted girl, the other day to find myself settling back in thought, contemplating my path in life, my dreams and wondering "if it all came tumbling, what would I do?"

Lynn, this inspiring, beautiful, happiness-injecting woman wrote an open, honest note to us all reflecting on her "trip-tastrophe." Without saying too much, I think it's worth the few minutes it will take you to head on over to Hearted Girl and have a little read of this honest account of needing to focus on oneself fully to heal most sincerely (as Lynn puts it).

I reckon we could all do with a little bit more of this too. Danielle LaPorte, as Lynn makes note of, packs a punch with her take on how we view ourselves, our life, our world...

As Danielle LaPorte writes:
Ban "overwhelmed" from your vocabulary. Refuse it entry to your psyche. You're bigger than that. Just be, you know, whelmed (this is best said with a Jewish, Brooklyn accent.) Whelmed. Not at full capacity, rather, full of capacity. Whelmed. Sounds full of potential, doesn't it?


  1. oh Maria,

    this is quite something and i am honored and touched deeply that my post resonated with you this way. plus, it thrills me to know another person was inspired by Danielle's writing!!! she's so cool right?!

    thank you, i am super sorry for taking my time-out so literally and not responding sooner! after receiving your comment, which was out of this world amazing to read, i really should have at least sent you something back right away. thank you for the kindness and for being so understanding about my motion towards dropping the veil down a bit more to expose "things". i am hanging in and on - your feedback + prop ups are sweet solace!!! xo ♥

  2. pea ess: i have to add, after seeing the date on this post, that it's rather poignant because it was my Dad's birthday. he passed away 9 years ago but the 20th is always an emotional day for me. your post makes my heart warm Maria, thank you again. ♥

  3. Hey Maria
    Lynn is one of my fav ladies. I loved her post as well. Clearly I need to check out Danielle LaPorta asap


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