Friday, March 23, 2012

Good to see you babe

It's a doom and gloom kinda day in my neck of the woods as the wintry months are getting ready to settle in. Without these few links to satisfy my sticky beak, my mood would be a shove away from drowning in the dumps! Hope these few clicks take your Friday to 5pm just a tad quicker too. 

*Street art takes on a graphical brilliance! Snoop into Lucas Grogan's interview and check out his blue-toned masterpieces. Some of his work plastered down Melbourne's Hosier Lane would see me drift off into a little daydream as I'd slow my pace to admire-mode on my way to work - I'm still as fascinated as ever. Seems every time I look over this art I spot something new going on in all that detail.

*The wintery months do have some benefits! Like cooking up this perfectly tomato-y, broth-y sunny but warm Italian soup I stumbled across at this great new blog!

*Design nerds...are you seated? Here's septemberindustry's latest. Lee Goater's recent project showcase takes the cake.  

Happy weekend to us all. Enjoy! x


  1. it is in fact pretty interesting ;)

  2. What incredible street art, a nice pop of colour to brighten up a dull day.

    I'm quite looking forward to winter, especially all the hearty food & textured fabrics

  3. I love stret art!! These are awesome!


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