Friday, March 9, 2012

The Invisible Children

By now most of us have noticed 'KONY' has been tweeted by celebraties, facebook-ed, youtube-ed, blogged, etc. And what a fierce campaign it's been! But who is Kony? You should take a second, not to watch the viral youtube 'flick', but to check this out and see another view on Kony2012 for a contrasting take. Get an opinion. Act as you wish.

On a side note, lets just take a second to notice how powerful social media really is! It's incredible to see how socially aware we can the touch of a 'tweet.'

As moved as I am by the overall message and intention of KONY2012, I'm still left a little concerned at how rapidly something like this has spread the world's digital sphere and left other major global issues shoved to the back of the line, forgotten about and never to be re-tweeted again. And because they're not re-tweeted, facebook-ed or blogged, it seems the younger gens of society may as well question their importance. Where do you stand on the Kony2012 campaign?

WHO IS KONY? (source)

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