Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Conroy & Wilcox

Titian pearl ring via

Baroque pearl wrapped in matte brush polished claws of gold. Pardon me while I roll my tongue up and pick my jaw off the floor. FYI I have a tendency to drool over anything pearl adorned, with this being no exception. Wouldn't this be the perfect (may I stress, perfect) addition my digits have been searching for?

Black diamond cut collar via

Who's Conroy & Wilcox, you ask? The result of one brilliant collaboration between Gillian Conroy and Danica Wilcox. Specialising in heirloom-quality designs, seems the  independently owned  New York based company is what it's   all about when we talk things 'bling.' I guess you would be too if you've donned the likes of Ms. Jolie...

It's a trap, but check out the Online store!
Titian Pearl retailing at $2750

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  1. Thats utterly beautiful. I have a thing for pearls too. I keep mentioning it but no ones listening........


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