Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday's Finds

 What a bumper week! Bring on the links!
1. On the wants list...Nike's new Knitted Shoes; 'coz I've started running again.
This time I'm actually running. Properly. Distance kinda stuff, you know? Not just 5 minutes.
More to come on this but before I move on I've got to say,
I'm feeling the addiction sink into my bones!

 2. Some beautiful accessories. Treat yourself for doing a good job of getting through the week.

3. Twitter hotel. For the social media junkie. 

Pack your weekend with a bunch of good people and have yourself a seriously good time. 

I'm off to a 10 year school reunion (not sure how I feel about this), coffee & cake catch ups with lovely ladies and I'm kicking off the process of getting my Ballet Associate quals - that means,
 I'll be a teacher - inspiring the artistry and discipline in the rugrats from my corner of this world.
Super chuffed to say the least!
Maria x


  1. I love those runners and it makes me want to start running again too.

  2. Lovely finds ... re the coconut oil ... is shouldn't feel greasy ... it soaks into the skin but use a little and build up to see how much you need ... there are recipes for deodorant where you mix the oil and soda and store in a container and use it that way ... I don't bother ... I put a little oil in the palm of my hand, sprinkle with baking soda, rub palms together to mix and then apply ... Bee xx


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