Monday, August 5, 2013

#AugustChallenge anyone?

training...and training...and training...
6 months, 5 pairs of pointes, 2 tubes of voltaren = productivity at its best!

Anyone keen to get an #AugustChallenge started?

I'm tackling a few this month (ballet training whether I like it or not); it'll be my heaviest month of training and shape-shifting:

#AugustWhole30 is on, for the next 30 days. Follow my Whole30 Wednesdays for support.
A #LunchRun will be taking priority a few times a week to detox my cluttered mind.
#MorningBallet sessions will have me training before the stars fade away. Every day.

ballet wake-up calls

Can't wait. Let me know if you're tackling a challenge of your own.

By the way, although (very) late jumping on board, I'm on twitter (I know). Let's link and #AugustChallenge the month away.

Have a great week guys.  Maria x


  1. Good luck accomplishing your goals this month. I will live vicariously through you being a ballerina instead of me, as I usually do.

    1. thanks lady! appreciate the support :)
      that's totally fine with me - hope you don't get sick of me posting about ballet training.:D

  2. I'm with you on the run Maria! I definitely need to get more active!


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