Friday, August 9, 2013


Kick your heels up! It's Friday. Here are the best time-wasters I could get my hands on..get clicking through S.O.W's new link-love-series, Found.

Link #4. Handmade beauties.
1. If corporate logos were honest they'd look more like this.
2. Now here's a good one to kill a few Friday minutes. Crazy, moving optical illusions.
3. Hear, Hear! H&M is finally online. Check it out via wit&delight!
4. Do you like these handmade prints from Oh My Deer etsy store?

Aside from links, I also found some sense in amongst this week's twists - a simple but big-punching realisation.

Nothing is as important as your sanity.
No, not even the never-ending pile of work sitting at your desk that's due...yesterday!

Nothing quite knocks the "SLOW DOWN and stop to smell the roses" concept into me like realising I'm off to spend hours this weekend teaching ballet to little ones (pure gold); Cutest thing ever...and they call it work. Pfft! Topping that off with some hours by my guy's side, things suddenly look pretty darn rosy.

Whether you're up to all sorts or just kicking back to nothing much at all, make sure to enjoy this weekend! 
Thanks for your comments and blog love through the week. Maria xo


  1. The optical illusions are crazy, can't even go to press next without everything moving!

  2. Love the honest corporate logos! Hilarious.

  3. Aw, that little girl is adorable!


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