Friday, August 23, 2013


Well, Friday popped up quicker than I could start thinking about my soon coming European tan lines! Here's some link love.

1. Nifty photography of divers pre and post splash.
2. Someone said "time waster?" Check out this 3D latte art from Japan!
3. People with rubber bands all over their faces, known as rubber band portraits. They're actually a thing.

I'm off to the weekend, kiddies. Whatever you're up to, make it wonderful, bright and bold!
Maria x


  1. The 3D lattes are amazing. I've always been fascinated by cappuccino art - I cheat with a stencil! You have a lovely blog and your posts are so varied which I like. Delighted to be following along now!

  2. I've been seeing those Latte arts around pinterest. They are so cool.


  3. where are you going in europe!!??

    also, hi september and whole 30! actually i'm starting on monday, i've been on vacation the past 2 weeks (again, i know, this is always my excuse, buys summer!)...but seriously, like do or die. i'm so tired of feeling crappy...time for running and eating right again!

    1. hi hi!! yay! go you! I'm on board for September too - it was so helpful knowing that you were doing this with me the first time I tried it. So Sept will be a piece of cake :)
      Hey so we're off to Cyprus!! You're not going to be extending your vacation by chance?? ;)

  4. flipping heck those rubber bands look painful but he's really going for it, the latte art too. How long does that take!

  5. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend! The photo of the divers look just amazing.


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