Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Remembering tomorrow

Xavier Encinas via
Last night I had the craziest dream. All of my "tomorrows" of 2011 (you know, dreams, coffee catch ups, plans and nice stuff) flooded my memory. Everything I love(d) was under the spotlight in a madcap, circus-like roadshow. Gets weird. Every face I knew exactly this time last year (the people I'd work with, the ones I'd join in coffee queues, the mag shop owner) starred in the show donning top hats, tutus and attempting some kind of act.

"Remembering Tomorrow" via
Gets weirder. Today, as I'm struggling more than ever to find something all new and original to post, I resort to clicking into my drafts. The one I look to is appropriately titled "remembering tomorrow." This is where the "ooh's and ahhh's" chime in and an unexplainable jumble of crock slots right into a some sense (at least for me).

Rambles aside, I'm not one for digging up the past but if I didn't send myself batty dreaming about last year's "tomorrows," I can't imagine when I would've been pointed back in the direction of Encinas' work (saved in this draft post) to share it with you lovely readers. Check it out. Hope you like it.

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  1. every now and then dreams have a really weird way of connecting with life for sure. like once i dreamt of someone from the past and they contact you that next day? creepy!


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