Thursday, September 6, 2012

1 picture/1000 words

I've been sharing an awful lot of "me, me, me" posts lately - sorry to hog the spotlight. I have one more "me moment" for you, though. I found the pic above this morning and cracked myself up - this is exactly how I pictured myself in last night's class! Some of you might not know that after (way too long ago) thinking I'd hung up my ribbons and tights for good, I got sick of procrastination and stomped my foot down in the decision to complete my ballet quals. With 3 exams set for next year and no time for muckin' about, I've got right into things - last night I found myself (for the first time in years) 'articulating my feet' and springing back up to the tips of my less-blistered-more-pampered toes. As much as I'm revelling in getting back into the greatest thing I've known, my feet aren't exactly expressing that same joy this morning thanks to last night's less than subtle reminder of the salt baths, methylated-spirit-blister-soaking sessions, and band-aid-strapped toes to come. Funny thing is, that's surprisingly all part of the fun! All pain aside, with ballet ready to re-consume 92% of my life again, I'm finding it pretty easy floating through the day to the words below...
Enjoy your day, lovely people. Thanks for stopping by and to those that leave a message or two. x

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