Wednesday, September 19, 2012

27cm rule

As a joke (funny to me) I had this imaginary "27cm rule-thing" going in my mind. A few years ago after moving to Melbourne, this randomly plucked number became my imaginary ruler that would measure the distance I'd hold myself back from all things wonderful but challenging. Subconsciously (mainly out of fear of falling flat on my backside) I'd be standing just "27cm away" from kickin' a few goals in my achievement-department; I'd be holding myself back those "27cm" from digging my digits into something I really, madly wanted. Fear, hesitation, all that energy-wasting-stuff would make up those 27cm's. Pathetic really.

These 27cm have recently crept up on me again and placed themselves between me and my ability to tap away at this blog. I'm not sure how other bloggers feel, but occasionally I feel I can’t quite get a grip of my ability to post something half-interesting. I've kept this up long enough to place a firm 27cm distancing me until I find the exit from hesitation and get a rejuvenated blogging confidence. Posts might be a little less frequent for the moment but I do hope to see you all when I’ve kicked my 27cm ruler in the butt for good.

Isn't it a great feeling when you free yourself from all that doubt-driven-rubbish and just go for 'it'.

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