Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lights, camera, instagram-filter...

my tappers via my instagram
I'm very proud to announce...the (late) arrival of my instagram profile. After much, much persuasion, I've jumped on board the snap-happy-app and (I hate to eat my words and admit) am loving it more than expected! Head on over and follow my snaps of the little things stopping me in my tracks, plus the random happenings alongside my daily do's.

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  1. Hey you! Love that photo. I am not clear on the whole instagram thing but I know once I'm on board I'm going to love it. You need a smart phone right? Somehow Im going to have to angle me one of those. Will check out your snaps in a sec, but first can I say thank you for the lovely comment you left last week? I only just discovered it yesterday and it really helped me get my blogging shoes back on - lovely - thank you!


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