Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Road tripping

You might remember that road trip I carried on about? Well the trip is well and truly over and we've managed to settle (just) back into our day-to-days.

I was giddy like a bambino for the 10 days the boy and I would spend driving around Tasmania. That first photo is a dead giveaway - as I carried on in song and dance, excited as ever, the boy took charge of map and road driving us from sandy beaches to cliff-skimming paths, out of bogged rainforest roads and back on track through the most picturesque land I've seen. Here's how we spent our days...

via Wursthaus Hobart
Finding civilization after that minor 'slip', let alone discovering Hobarts famous gourmet Deli, was well worth the wait.

And if you don't get your tush to Hobarts famous bakery you'll be committing crime#1. Just saying.

Our drive took us up and around the mountains and witnessed us sneak a peek above the cloud tops. Yup, we were perched pretty high. Perfect time to introduce you to my "happy song!" At times when my passenger door lined up neatly with the edge of the tallest mountain edges, I was quick to flick on a sweet little track that went like this...saved my day and the driver's patience I'd say!

...we even saw our boots dig a few feet deep in snow. Thankfully we took the road back to ground level before our car tyres snuck their way under too!

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