Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Body balance

Just wondering how everyone else in winter-drenched towns is coping with all the second-serves of hearty meals, red wine and cheese platters these months call for? Personally, I'm feeling ready to exit hibernation and would like to tell my jeans where to shove their subtle "hint" of strain. So the time has come. A little detox for 2012 is in store! You might remember my post about this a while back? Well, it's on again. Over the next two weeks I'll be focusing on what Mr Duigan (trainer to Ms Macpherson herself) prescribes; less sugar, more greens and upping the cardio burn. Here goes.

Join in if you want. I'd love to see how someone else goes with the ups and downs of cleansing and detoxifying! I'll keep you posted on my progress anyway...

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