Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Finds

Working behind a corporate desk on a part time basis has its benefits. The main pro being that Friday is no longer a work day! The itch for the weekend doesn't fade, though so here's a few links to see us all scoot through to 5pm a little easier.

1. Ever wondered what dough would look like as art....when plonked on someones head? Check this out, not just because it's my write up!
2. You're probably all aware that I face an ongoing battle with a caffeine addiction I can't quite shake. Main reason being, tea doesn't feel like it has the guts of a good strong latte. Untilnow. These shark infusers are ready to change things.
3. It's always easier to get a chuckle from someone else's woes. It's also the inspiration behind this blog where photos of miserable people pointing at dog turds and trees in their gardens shine.


  1. dough on head as art= awesome haha:)

  2. great post! followed you in gfc and bloglovin, hope you can follow back in both!

  3. that is just it about tea!! i can't kick coffee either although I'd like to.
    btw, i LOVEd your nation state card recommendation, so thanks for that. i definitely foresee ordering some cards from there in the future, they are really cool.


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