Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back in 10

In between the whirl of our cluttered day-to-days, the boy and I have been counting down the seconds to a much needed getaway. Destination? Tasmania. Most people around my neck of the woods are choosing to escape these wintry chills, but not us. Nope. We've decided there would be nothing better than a road trip whacked right in the thick of some bitterly cold days.

Bonus is, the boy is known to me as all things 'pro' when it comes to the outdoors. Goes without saying he'll take charge in the driver's seat (I'm more accustomed to lying on the beach) and guide us up and around what I'm told to be some of the most picturesque roads I'll see. I, on the other hand, have the all important task of booking tables for two in what I've heard to be a seriously booming foodie scene. Stay tuned.

So, with no time to spare, we're set and ready to load these next few days with all the good stuff - nibbles and sips of some of the best produce on show, road-trip singalongs (unfortunately I can't sing to save myself) and the chance to simply switch off from our minute by minute to-do's. Heavenly. See you in 10 days!

I'd love to hear of your latest or soon approaching getaway! How'd it go?


  1. aw, you guys sound like a cute couple! we went to vienna last w/e and it was pretty great. i'm def more of the searching for the relaxing thing - cool cafe's, hotels, etc...he is more of the sight see-er. but we balance it!

  2. How fun! I enjoy chilly getaways. You guys will have such a nice time. Make sure to take lots of pics. Also, thanks for the reward you mentioned earlier =) You are a sweet heart.

    - Sarah

  3. sounds like a great time Maria! i love road trips and as long as you've got your man along it can never get too cold if you get my drift ;) awe, that photo really sets the tone too! Sean & i are finally going on a road trip this early fall too so i'm totally on board with your concept lades. mmm hmmm! hope you're having a blast. ♥


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