Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's finds

I'm back and can't wait to share the unbelievable week away that the boy and I have wrapped tightly in our memories. After spending our days driving along Tasmania's coastlines, sitting behind a corporate desk is seeing me fidget and pen-click my way through to the 5pm hurdle. Maybe these few finds will see the seconds tick a little faster for us all?
1. If, like me, you crave anything chevron too, you should check out this DIY. Till now I've had less than a glowing success rate with creating a perfectly aligned chevron. Look out house...chabby-chic-chevron-love is coming your way!

2. If you're affraid of your unintelligable expressions like "!!!!!!!" being lost in translation by people who have not a clue what you're on about, send them to for a helping hand.

3. There's a chilly weekend ahead in my neck of the woods and I've now decided the stovetop will be steaming away with this "from scratch" Tom Yum soup.


  1. Hey there! That soup looks so goooooood! An icy chill type of day here in Canberra - counting down the days till spring - and just looking at that soup heartens me. Love that Chevron scarf too!!

  2. Love TomYum Soup :)


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