Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The way we walk, the way we talk

Nothing beats a weekend spent indulging in all the good stuff - well served nosh, good coffee and a dive into that new read I mentioned last time. More reflective than anything else, here goes a post of thanks to a good time spent.

Seems Adelaide is picking up pace with the new generation of restauranteurs feeding the city with a refreshing take on the traditionally stale dining experience...and doing a damn good job of it. Here's my few Hurrah's to a couple of Adelaide eateries that had my praises plastered firmly on their shift away from the conservative norm this city does 'so well.'

images snapped by my iphone. sorry about the quality.
First up was The Stranded Store early Saturday morning. I am jumping out of my socks for this treasure of a cafe around the corner from our family home. White washed walls and wooden floors house the local art dressing this cosy interior. I snuggled in amongst the cushion lined bay-window and drifted away into the world George Bizos (the new read) took me to. A second coffee later  thanks to a lovely visit from my mum set the tone for nothing but a great day ahead....

Nicola. She's the one I'm talking about...
And then night fell. My cousin (who is more like that little sister I never had) and I ventured bravely into Adelaide's dining scene to find something offering a little more Melbourne inspired. If you know Adelaide, you'll appreciate the challenge we were up for!  We opted for Melt - a known tapas haunt in our neck of the woods.

Melt has been an easy option for me when it comes to looking for a relaxed night out dining with decent atmosphere, tapas to please and a selection of imported drops to sauce us through the night. Not too long ago, the local-ish (to me) city fringe haunt opened up it's second set of ovens inner-city-way and has since injected some much needed non-try-hard charm to the town. Aesthetically, its got all the goods. Wood tones, dimmed lights just bright enough to feature graffiti walls and a blackboard tapas menu carried by waiter to every table of new-comers. Not to mention, the pizza we devoured was every bit of perfection. Without rambling further, the pics might shine a little more light on Melt's CBD charm livening up this once sleepy town. Graffiti lanes and all! Adelaide, I'm impressed...


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