Friday, May 11, 2012

Go on then...

Time is tickin'! I've been counting down the hours till my boy and I jet-set off to a weekend away - breaking the routine is much needed and our Melbourne-bound tickets have me in a fat-kid-and-cake scenario. I can't wait for a return to the town. Hope your weekend turns out just as great, whatever it is you choose!  Here's a few links to get us there a little sooner...

1. Speaking of "change" I like to think that I'll get myself into an organised state instead of crawling my way out of a panicked huff every morning. Something that makes me feel like I'm moving in the right direction is spotting this pretty collection of trays. Nothing like a good tray to feel like things are getting organised, right?

2. Here's another one for the "change" bin. Seen the Time cover showing a mother breastfeeding her 3yo kid? Anything for free publicity, you might say...

3. Know what 10,000plus cupcakes look like dressed as a cherry blossom tree? No? Crumbs and doilies do...


  1. thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I would definitely love for us to follow each other! I'll start now and am excited for you to follow back!


  2. dag! the cupcake tree is ahhh-mazing!! that Time cover sure spurned on major controversy hey. quite something to see and i'm not totally sure how i felt about it. think i'll stick to viewing pretty trays and sweet treats instead ; ) hope you enjoyed your weekend lades and all is well in your wonderful world! ♥


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